In 2014, Arno and Mikki bought a scrap piece of land and turned it into today's beautiful gardens called Mikki's Place to Stay. On January 5, 2015 they have welcome first clients, Ed and Jose, who are still one of their faithful guests. In a few years Mikki's Place has grown into a camper resort where people feel at home. And that is our main goal.


Mikki, at her heart, is an artist and multi-lingual businesswoman. She received her training in various art departments in Belgium. After successful operations in Belgium, Mikki has been active since 2008 in Portugal. She started in 2010 as an independent artist in her name and built up an international brand as a ceramist and painter. In 2014, Mikki was CO founder and hase given soul to Mikki's place to stay. In 2020, she took a stap back to put more dedication in to her art. And in 2021 she sold her parts to Arno, who is now the full owner of this eclectic place. 


The adage blood is thicker than water is sure applicable to Arno. Arno was the manager of a campsite in Zeist, Netherlands, until he was 35 years old. Next, he started a company in the construction of wooden chalets. He has lived since 2007 in the Algarve, Portugal and is active as an entrepreneur. From 2010 to 2015, Arno helped Mikki in ceramic articles production, taking all the technical and logistical tasks. In 2014 Arno and Mikki begon the camping adventure. His vision continue. In 2020, Mikki stept back from the management. In 2021, he became the full owner of Mikki's place to stay. 

Our Team

Our employees became our family. Daliana welcomes you as the General Manager at the reception. Alex and his father, Mario, take care of our animals and gardens. And Linda provides all hygienic needs. Without them, there is no Mikki's Place.